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Holding Backpack Bed Outside

Backpack + Tent + Mattress + Sun Shelter


SEASONFORT Untamed Backpack Bed swag


In seconds

Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag

Campsite Safe

SEASONFORT Expanse Backpack Bed Swag


Feel the heat

SEASONFORT Expanse Backpack Bed swag


Lightweight and compact protection

SEASONFORT - The Ultimate Camping Backpack Bed®

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed lightweight


Heavy duty tough materials


Full Body Protection

3 & 4 Season models

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant

LiteTrex Fabric + ASI Mattress

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed water & wind proof

Water & Wind Proof

Protect against the weather

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed storage pockets

Storage Pockets

Up to 32L of pocket storage

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed tape seal seams

Tape Sealed Seams

Main seams protected

65L Backpack

Carry all your gear

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed water resistant zips

Water Resistent Zips

Protection from the elements

Former SAS Patrol Commander - Mick D

Mick D.
Former SAS Patrol Commander

Former SAS Patrol Commander
3 Day Packing List

The ultimate 3 day trek packing list for your tactical go bag.

Must Have Outdoors

Your next Adventure

Awards Heritage

SEASONFORT products are are all designed for a purpose - our award winning heritage.

Fire Retardant Polar Fleece Sleeping Bag
Fire Retardant Polar Fleece Sleeping Bag
Backpack Bed


How safe is your sleeping bag?

Fire Retardancy – essential when sleeping next to campfires  All campsites have fires – fire kills and injures.  Put fire safety first when it comes to your sleeping bag choices. When was the last time anyone actually checked the fire safety of their sleeping bags? Chances are, most people don’t give it a moment’s thought. Choosing […]
SEASONFORT Backpack Bed Motorcycle Swag

Motorcycle swag camping – other gear could have been dangerous

A Tasmanian 10 day solo motorcycling tour. A yearning to escape the hustle of Sydney led one-weekend adventurer on a bikepacking journey of a lifetime – which he says would not have been possible without his SEASONFORT Backpack Bed®. Sydneysider Shan Chung spends his working week training Macquarie big wigs on the latest financial software, […]

SEASONFORT Backpack Beds - serious about hassle free camping

When you see a SAS Special Forces trainer use a SEASONFORT Backpack Bed – you know the traditional backpack and tent landscape has been modernised forever.  The stealth, size and built-in comfort of a Backpack Bed swag gives campers the warmth and security they need for any season.

Who really wants to carry four different products when the best gear is already built-in to the award winning & sitting in four design museums Backpack Bed.  The Backpack Bed is an ergonomic backpack, a 3 windowed single person tent, a sun & wind shelter and comes with a built-in mattress. Simply put, it's a single person tent on steroids.

For added peace of mind the SEASONFORT Backpack Bed both meets the toughest US tent fire standard CPAI-84 and Europe’s elite chemical safety standard REACH.

When it comes to visiting the outback; no longer are motorcycle campers, outback horse riders, kayakers or canoeists complaining about the weight and size of the gear they ride or paddle with. The Backpack Bed has solved it with excellent balance and weight distribution. For disaster preparation the Backpack Bed is the perfect go bag – there is no faster bug-out bag to pre-pack for your disaster prepping. This ultimate survival kit bug out bag provides preppers with an all in one solution to add your emergency kit.

Today, short term campers of all ages can enjoy what the experienced elite already know. From the novice who says – “the Backpack Bed makes me want to go camping” to mums who know their kids will sleep in a safe a fire retardant all-in-one lightweight shelter that they can actually carry as a backpack as well.

SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag - fire kills

The SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag is your new machine washable safe sleeping bag.

A SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag is fire retardant for the life of the Sleeping Bag - with no added chemical treatments.

For your peace of mind the SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag meets the toughest US sleeping bag fire standard CPAI-75 PLUS Airline blanket fire standards PLUS Europe’s elite chemical safety standard REACH.

While sitting or sleeping near camp fires you will have a Sleeping Bag that provides protection - even while snuggling up cooking marshmallows around the camp fire.

Combine a SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag + SEASONFORT Backpack Bed® and you are prepared for anything. The perfect kit for the outdoors.

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