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EXPANSE Backpack Bed® Swag – (Backpack + Tent + Mattress + Sun Shelter)


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4 Products in ONE

A Backpack + Tent + Mattress + Sun Shelter.
Breathable fire retardant fabric with 13 pockets.

Lightweight at only 3.5kg / 7.7lb the EXPANSE is the perfect swag for your next 4 SEASON adventure.

Hassle Free Camping.  Stay anywhere . . . fast

4 Products in ONE

Grab & GO

Your 4 season adventure system ALL built-in

The SEASONFORT EXPANSE Backpack Bed swag was designed with a military mentality for 4 seasons.

With striking orange trim side pockets - the EXPANSE has 8 extra pockets including a massive 6 litre wet/dry pocket + water bladder pouch + more.

EXCLUSIVE: Ultra-lite weight LiteTrex® Breathe 125D Topsheet Canopy fabric.

SEASONFORT Expanse Backpack Bed Swag


Ergonomic straps & pockets

SEASONFORT Expanse Backpack Bed Swag


Single person with 3 windows



Ice insulating + Fire retardant


Sun Shelter

Wind & sun protection

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed lightweight


Backpack Bed 3.5kg / 7.7lbs


4 Seasons

With rear zipped winter door

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant

Fabrics + ASI Mattress

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed water & wind proof

Water & Wind Proof

Breathable + Waterproof fabrics

65L Backpack

Carry all your gear

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed storage pockets

13 Storage Pockets

32L of pocket storage

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed tape seal seams

Tape Sealed Seams

Water protected seams

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed water resistant zips

Water Resistent Zips

Water protected zips

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed military strength

Military Strength

Heavy duty rugged tough materials

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed super mesh

Super Mesh

Cut & tear resistant mesh

SEASONFORT Backpack Bed double stitching

Double Stitching

Double stitching & reinforcement


Lifetime Warranty

Limited lifetime warranty

LiteTrex® Fabric Technology

LiteTrex® fabrics shield you from the elements

  • Water resistant (15,000mmH2O)
  • Fire retardant (CPAI-84)
  • Quick-dry water repellent layer for faster drying.
  • Independently lab tested to 17 international standards - including REACH (1907/2006).
Fire Retardant ASI Camp MatWaterproof fabric 15,000mmH2OMildew Resistant ASI Camp MatChemically Safe ASI Camp MatSun Protection SPF 50+

Topsheet Canopy

Exclusive Use
Breathable + Waterproof
125 Denier Oxford


Bed Base + Backpack

Waterproof + Tough
600 Denier Oxford



200 Denier Oxford

Former SAS Patrol Commander - Mick D

Mick D.
Former SAS Patrol Commander

"I've never seen a swag system this compact and this light - it's good to go."

Travel light 4 seasons - leave your pile of gear at home and go

Jetski island camping with a SEASONFORT EXPANSE Backpack Bed

Awards Heritage

"The EXPANSE Backpack Bed is the perfect compromise of backpack, swag and carry-all. Possibly the best purchase I have made in the last year or so." John

EXPANSE Backpack Bed swag features

Faster than Superman - roll out and get in

Set-up and go in seconds - means more time for adventure

SEASONFORT EXPANSE Backpack Bed quick packup

The weather is not your friend - conditions change rapidly. No need to fiddle with poles and small parts when the weather surprises you.

I was dry while others were still trying to put up their fancy #%$#@ tents. It’s hilarious to see anyone put up a tent in pouring rain and wind. I laughed so hard. The storm was short - but what a mess it left. They were SOAKED.”  Jason M. USA

Backpack Capacity


65 Litres + 32 Litres across 13 pockets
Backpack cavity when single person tent and mattress is rolled out. Accessible behind your head - incredibly useful to store gear you don’t need while you sleep e.g. shoes, jacket.SEASONFORT EXPANSE Backpack Bed cavity extender and YKK toggle

Storage Pockets
32 Litres

32 Litres / 13 pockets
• 3 velcro exterior pockets.
• 1 buckle closure lid pocket for water bladder (accessories not included).
SEASONFORT EXPANSE Backpack Bed water bladder pocket

Water Resistant Zipped pockets:
• 3 zipped lid pockets:
       • 2 hidden (1 with key holder)
       • 1 outer
• 2 zipped covered side pockets.
• 1 internal lockable pocket with brass key lock.
• 1 internal 6L tape sealed wet / dry zipped pocket.
• 1 zipped 'Pole' pocket on base.
• 1 zipped 'Rain' cover pocket on base.
SEASONFORT EXPANSE Backpack Bed has 13 pockets

Professional Extras

• 2 x lengths of military MOLLE on base - easily attach to carry more.
• Adjustable water bladder tube holder on backpack straps.
• Backpack cavity extender with YKK toggle - for added contents protection.
• Slip resistant moulded carry handle.
SEASONFORT EXPANSE Backpack Bed moulded carry handle
SEASONFORT EXPANSE Backpack Bed 2 x MOLLE + pole pocket + rain pocket

Adjustable padded backpack straps

• Ergonomically designed anatomical backpack straps.
• Long journey comfort foam that rebounds.
• Height & width adjustable chest strap - to ensure no shoulder slip + emergency whistle.
• D-ring on each backpack strap.
• Thumb loop straps to relieve bag weight on shoulders.
SEASONFORT EXPANSE Backpack Bed adjustable chest strap + emergency whistle

Lite weight odorless comfort mat

logo-asi-camp-mat.jpg  ASI Camp Mat
1900mm x 550mm x 10mm (75" x 21.5" x 0.4")
Mildew Resistant ASI Camp MatFire Retardant ASI Camp MatChemically Safe ASI Camp MatOdourless ASI Camp Mat

The odourless ASI Camp Mat is made to a custom formula that is not only fire retardant (EN71-2) but also mildew resistant and environmentally friendly; meeting strict European environmental standards.

Encapsulated bubbles help prevent moisture absorption.

The ultra long 190cm / 75" built-in camp mat has ASI (Advanced Silver Insulation) backing to protect against heat loss into the ground below.

I slept on a frozen ice river in Colorado.  I could feel the heat come up into my body.”  Tony Clark Designer

Stay protected day & night

Use the clever built-in custom reflective ropes to convert your Backpack Bed into a wind and sun shelter. A great daytime alternative configuration for your next camping trip.
SEASONFORT EXPANSE Backpack Bed Mattress Cover + wind / rain shelter

The EXPANSE Backpack Bed comes equipped with additional accessories to make your experience more enjoyable.

SEASONFORT EXPANSE Backpack Bed accessory pack

Tent poles

Foot Pole - we made sure you would never lose your foot pole by building it into the Backpack Bed.

Head Pole - fully collapsible 72cm / 28.3" super lightweight aluminium. Store in the all purpose full length - long base pocket.

SEASONFORT EXPANSE Backpack Bed pole pocket - full length
two pole holders which spread the load of your poles - stop them sinking into wet or sandy surfaces.

Tent pegs

8 ultra lightweight aluminium tent pegs (14gm / 0.5oz / peg) in accessory bag.

3 Tear & cut resistant mesh windows

Lifetime protection. Sleep in comfort knowing mosquitoes and insects stay out.

All 3 windows use a super tough tear and cut resistant mosquito mesh window protection:

  • Zipped semi circle door behind head
  • Chest window
  • Foot window

TIP. Behind head and foot windows may be open during rain when tent is setup.

Strength to survive the elements

Rugged swag toughness to survive any jungle, backyard or disaster. Perfect camping for motorbiking, fishing, cycling, hunting kayaking, hiking and outdoor fun.

The fabric, double stitching, heavy duty all water resistant zips, tape seal and reinforcement have all been combined for maximum strength and comfort.

4 Season Swag
with rear zipped winter door.

SEASONFORT EXPANSE Backpack Bed winter door in the rain

Emergency rain cover - in 'Rain' storage pocket on base.

SEASONFORT EXPANSE Backpack Bed Rain cover + Rain pocket

The Backpack Bed is a versatile addition to your outdoor gear.

Use the EXPANSE Backpack Bed for ADVENTURE

Choose your Adventure - an impromptu night under the starts, kayak camping, kids lightweight scouts tent or when you are having too much fun to go home. The Backpack Bed replaces your traditional backpack, tent, bedroll, sun shelter and mattress - with an all in one solution ready to go when you are.


You don't want to be carrying a lot of gear when on the back of a bike. The Backpack Bed is perfect for motorbike camping and bikepacking in place of a bedroll. The EXPANSE Backpack Bed has an additional drawstring to stop driving rain getting into the backpack.Add your other gear to the backpack for an easy way to get going in a hurry.


The lightweight EXPANSE Backpack Bed is a perfect prepper backpack with storage in the 65L backpack + 32L across 13 pockets. It is an emergency bed, prepper kit and survival backpack all in one easy to use kit.

The Backpack Bed makes it easy to prepare your Go Bag with all the survival essentials ready for an emergency - including the built in tent and mattress. It is perfect to keep in the trunk of your car for that unexpected emergency bed.

As a tactical go bag the EXPANSE Backpack Bed has MOLLE on the base and internal wet/dry pocket.

Watch the video below for what to pack.

Without accessories

3.5kg / 7.7lb


Green - with Black / Orange pocket trim


Backpack: 600 x 420 x 220mm / 23.5" x 16.5" x 8.5"

Bed Zone: 2000 x 630mm / 6' 7" x 25"

Top Canopy: Length 2650mm / 104"

Extendable floor: 2000 x 630mm / 6'7" x 25"


What to pack in your Backpack Bed

The ultimate 3 day trek packing list tactical go bag

Former SAS Patrol Commander - Mick D

Mick D.
Former SAS Patrol Commander

Quick and easy Backpack Bed setup / packup


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+ BONUS 50 Litre Dry Bag

Store your Backpack Bed between uses OR carry gear to keep dry.


+ BONUS Emergency Blanket

This survival blanket can save your life.
Giant size 210 x 160cm / 82.6" x 63"

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