How safe is your sleeping bag?

Fire Retardancy - essential when sleeping next to campfires 

All campsites have fires - fire kills and injures.  Put fire safety first when it comes to your sleeping bag choices.

When was the last time anyone actually checked the fire safety of their sleeping bags? Chances are, most people don't give it a moment’s thought. Choosing the right equipment in an outdoor setting can actually be the difference between life and death when sleeping near fires.

The SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag is made from ThermalTrex® polar fleece - Australia’s first permanently fire retardant sleeping bag without any chemical treatments.

SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag
SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag and Dry Bag
Fire Retardant Polar Fleece Sleeping Bag

Awarded a 2022 Green Award by Good Design Australia for impeccable design

SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag with Dry Bag

Fire Retardant Campsite fires are dangerous and often spit sparks far away. Imagine sleeping or sitting nearby?
Machine Washable No clumping fill - allows you to wash your SEASONFORT sleeping bag everytime.
Quick Dry ThermalTrex® Polar Fleece is incredibly quick drying.
Lightweight Only 1kg - lightweight comfort.
Chemically Safe ThermalTrex® Polar Fleece is Fire Retardant - no need for chemicals.
Dual Zip Pullers Open foot end zip so you can walk around camp cosy warm.
Join TWO Double the size to keep you both warm together - via the clever YKK zipper.

“If our technology can save one life, all of our hard work will be worth it. My message to the parents of Australia would be to think about your children’s safety when buying a sleeping bag for their next adventure or school camp” designer Tony Clark.

Availability Usually ships in 24-48 hours.
Colour Navy Blue
Shape Rectangular
Dimensions - Zipped 1900 x 790mm / 6'3" x 2'7"
Zipper YKK zip with 2 x zip pullers
Join 2 Sleeping Bags together
Fabric ThermalTrex® Polar Fleece 330 gsm
Temperature Rating 11° Celsius (Limit ISO 2357-1)
SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag

Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag with Dry Bag


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ThermalTrex® Fire Retardant Polar Fleece
Fire Retardant for product lifetime
Lightweight 1kg
Machine washable
Mildew resistant
YKK zip (join 2 units together)
Dual zip pullers - open the bottom and walk around
Colourfast, NO Azoic dyes, NO Formeldahyde
190cm x 79cm rectangular size
6 Litre Dry Bag carry case with handle - both ends
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