The Perfect Motorbike Swag

SEASONFORT UNTAMED Backpack Bed - your new Motorbike Camping gear.

Getting out on the road starts with the next generation SEASONFORT Backpack Bed - which is both a Backpack and a swag in one.
Be preared for any season and all weather conditions with the Backpack Bed's all weather protected bed with insulated mattress.

Your lightweight 3.5kg / 7.7lbs BAG + BED for any road trip

Four products in one- means grab and go.

  1. Ergonomic backpack with pockets
  2. Three window single person tent
  3. Built-in mattress - ice insulating
  4. Wind & sun shelter
SEASONFORT Expanse Backpack Bed Swag
SEASONFORT Backpack Bed Motorcycle Swag
SEASONFORT Expanse Backpack Bed Swag

EXPANSE Backpack Bed® Swag – (Backpack + Tent + Mattress + Sun Shelter)


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SEASONFORT Backpack Bed Motorcycle Swag camping

My Backpack Bed is so light and easily straps to the back of my bike. When you are zipping around turns at 100km an hour, you can’t afford to have anything impede the rideOther swags are simply too heavy and cumbersome and on a motorcycle that’s a danger.” Gary, Sydney.

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4 Season Swag - with winter door
Lightweight 3.5kg / 7.7lb (plus accessories)
65 Litre Backpack
13 pockets / 32 litres
Waterproof (15,000mmH2O) & Fire retardant (CPAI-74) materials
Ergonomically designed adjustable backpack straps & chest strap
Includes insulated mattress 1900mm x 550mm x 10mm @ 368gm
3 window ventilation points
Backpack Cavity Extender - additional volume and rain protection
2 x lengths of military MOLLE - easily attach and carry more
Adjustable water bladder tube holder & pocket
Folding Aluminium head end pole
2 x pole holders - use your poles on sand or mud without sinking
8 ultra-lite strong aluminium pegs in accessory bag
Emergency rain cover - in own storage pocket
BONUS 50 Litre Dry Bag (value $39.95)
BONUS Emergency Blanket (value $4.95)

Features for Bikers

The EXPANSE model Backpack Bed was designed with motorbike travel in mind.

As you know on the road, when it rains, water can get into your gear. To keep your next road trip dry SEASONFORT has added innovative features.

All-in-one design Add a sleeping bag and you're set.
Setup in seconds Quick & easy after a long days ride.
Durable and tough Backpack Beds are made from rugged LiteTrex fabrics. Waterproof, fire retardant, mildew resistant and chemically safe.
Lightweight EXPANSE model Backpack Beds is 3.5kg / 7.7lbs - much lighter than motorbike swags.
Breathable LiteTrex Breathe fabric is breathable to 4116 gm/m2/24Hr. Almost double what is needed for a sleeping person.
Tape Sealed seams The seams of Backpack Beds are tape sealed - just like ski jackets.
Unlike canvas, this means NO watering down, No conditioning, NO adding wax.
Less maintenance means more time to ride.
Insulated Mattress Silver foil insulation stops the cold from underneath.
"I slept on a frozen ice river in Colorado. I could feel the heat come up into my body.” Tony Clark, Designer

Backpack Cavity Extender

Ensures your gear keeps dry - even from horizontal rain.
EXPANSE model Backpack Bed only.

65 Litres + 32 Litres across 13 pockets

Backpack cavity when single person tent and mattress is rolled out.
Accessible behind your head - incredibly useful to store gear you don’t need while you sleep e.g. shoes, jacket.

Availability Usually ships in 24-48 hours
Colour Green - with Black / Orange pocket trim
Dimensions - Backpack 600 x 450 x 220mm / 23.5" x 17.5" x 8.5"
Dimensions - Bed Zone 2000 x 630mm / 6'7" x 25"
Dimensions - Top Canopy Length 2650mm / 104"
Dimensions - Extendable floor 2000 x 630mm / 6'7" x 25"
Fabric - Topsheet canopy LiteTrex Breathe 125 Denier Ultra-lite
Fabric - Backpack LiteTrex 200 Denier / LiteTrex Tough 600 Denier
Fabric - Floor LiteTrex Tough 600 Denier Ultra-strong
Mattress - ASI Camp Mat 1900 x 550 x 10mm / 75" x 21.5" x 0.4"

Bonus Backpack Bed inclusions - to start your road trip today

seasonfortdry-bag.jpg" alt="seasonfortdry-bag.jpg

+ BONUS 50 Litre Dry Bag

Store your Backpack Bed between uses OR keep extra gear dry.

+ BONUS Emergency Blanket

This could save your life. Giant size 210 x 160cm / 82.6" x 63"


FULL KIT - add a SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag

SEASONFORT Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag

Fire Retardant Sleeping Bag with Dry Bag


In stock

Add a Fire Retardant sleeping bag for extra warmth.

Permanently fire retardant & machine washable.

Made of ThermalTrex® Fire Retardant Polar Fleece - for your warmth and fire safety.

Dual zip pullers + glow in the dark pullers (black & silver) - open bottom zip to walk around.


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