SEASONFORT Award Winning History

SEASONFORT is serious about Hassle free camping.

The SEASONFORT adventure starts with next generation Backpack Beds which include fire retardant proprietary technologies such as LiteTrex Breathe and the ASI Camp Mat.

SEASONFORT is the first to release fire retardant sleeping bags to Australia.

SEASONFORT helps everyone from special forces to boy scouts be better protected outdoors.

"Military grade quality is for everyone."

"We create unique multi-function products that last. Quality costs. We're not multinationals who go to the same cheap factory and whack a logo on a product."



The Backpack Bed Heritage

7 international product design awards
4 museums (Germany, France, Australia, Italy)

Your protection wherever you go - is our design focus.
Backpack Bed Product Design Awards

"You've thought of everything. You make me want to go camping. I can pack in minutes and go sleep anywhere." Sarah S. USA


Community Impact

SEASONFORT funds shelter projects for street sleeping homeless.

The BackpackBed.org ribbon is on our products.

Everyone deserves a good night sleep - which is why Backpack Beds keep street sleeping homeless alive with dignity.
Over 30,000 Backpack Beds have impacted homeless across 8 countries.
Your purchase helps save lives. Thank you.

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