SEASONFORT Award Winning History

SEASONFORT is serious about hassle free camping.

Established 2016, the SEASONFORT adventure starts with a next generation Backpack Bed® which includes fire retardant proprietary TrexSmart® technologies such as LiteTrex® Breathe and the ASI® Camp Mat.

SEASONFORT is the first to release a fire retardant sleeping bags to Australia.

SEASONFORT helps everyone from special forces to boy scouts be better protected outdoors.

"Military grade quality is for everyone."

"We create unique multi-function products that last. Quality costs. We're not multinationals who go to the same cheap factory and whack a logo on a product."



The Backpack Bed Heritage

7 international product design awards
4 museums (Germany, France, Australia, Italy)

Your protection wherever you go - is our design focus.
Backpack Bed Product Design Awards

"You've thought of everything. You make me want to go camping. I can pack in minutes and go sleep anywhere." Sarah S. USA


Community Impact

SEASONFORT funds shelter projects for street sleeping homeless.


The BackpackBed.org ribbon is on our products.

Everyone deserves a good night sleep - which is why Backpack Beds keep street sleeping homeless alive with dignity.
Over 30,000 Backpack Beds have impacted homeless across 8 countries.
Your purchase helps save lives. Thank you.

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