SEASONFORT Backpack Bed – 4 season portable shelter & hiking

SEASONFORT Expanse Backpack Bed Bug out Bag

SEASONFORT loves hassle free camping.

The “Swiss Army Knife” of portable shelter.

Sleeping in the outdoors in any season can be an amazing experience. But when campers do not have safe gear, a night in the wilderness can quickly go from enjoyable to dangerous.

Enter the Australian designed Backpack Bed® - the most award winning technologically advanced and safest backpack and tent shelter in the world. This outdoor hero has earned 7 product design awards and is resident in four international museums (from Sydney to Paris).

The three window shelter built-in to the Backpack Bed uses the game-changing LiteTrex® Breathe fabric – which cleverly combines fire retardant functions with breathable, water resistant to 15,000mm, chemically safe, mildew resistant and sun protective features. The popular top of the range Backpack Bed Expanse uses the tough 125D ultra-lite.

Over 25000 people have experienced the Backpack Bed – so whether you are a weekend adventurer or an SAS Special Forces member, the all in one SEASONFORT Backpack Bed protects anyone looking for a brutally tough safe, lightweight 4 season outdoor shelter and ergonomic backpack.

Four products in ONE
1. Ergonomic backpack with pockets.

2. Three window single person tent.

3. Built-in ASI Camp Mat – with ice insulating ASI.

4. Wind & shade shelter.

Ergonomic backpack with pockets.
Carry with cushioned ease – the Backpack Bed makes for an incredibly light-weight experience. The adjustable shoulder and chest straps allow users to customise their Backpack Bed to their unique size. With room for extra belongings it allows you to store extra equipment across a myriad of water resistant zipped pocket locations – including one lockable inside.

The Backpack Bed’s aesthetic shape means it slightly pops out to the sides rather than lagging low behind the user. This means more support from the user’s shoulders and a more comfortable carry. The Expanse features 13 pockets including water bladder access, several long hidden lid pockets - plus with a molle covered base for extra military type attachments and an emergency orange rain cover for added backpack protection in torrential rain, there is not much you are not ready for.

The Backpack Bed is the only true bug out go anywhere adventure bag that could save your life - ready to be thrown over the shoulders to claim your next adventure.

Three window single person tent.
Uniquely rolling out from the SEASONFORT Backpack Bed is also a one person tent which can be setup in seconds for immediate protection from any sudden weather situation you may find yourself in. Whether it be howling snow or a mosquito filled wilderness, SEASONFORT is your all-weather answer to the elements which is complemented by water resistant zips, tape sealed seems, tear resistant mesh windows, built-in reflective ropes and more.

Core to the tent top sheet is the fire retardant LiteTrex Breathe fabric which is breathable to 4116 gm/m2/24Hr, almost double what is needed for an average sleeping person. This combined with a fire-retardant LiteTrex Tough 600D as the tent base – gives everyone the sound assurance that fabrics have been independently lab tested to 18 international standards including REACH (1907/2006) and CPAI-84.

Built-in ASI Camp Mat – with ice insulating ASI

With our ASI Camp Mat 1900 (L) x 550 (W) x 10 (D) included in every Backpack Bed, you can even sleep on snow and ice. Yes, you read that correctly. Snow and ice. The ASI Camp Mat with an Advanced Silver Insulation layer makes it possible to sleep in sub zero temperatures. This amazing feature allows you to take your Backpack Bed virtually anywhere safe in the knowledge you are protected from the elements. With unique encapsulated bubbles this advance Camp Mat is comfortable while also preventing moisture absorption for added hygiene and rebound lifespan.

Lab tested by SGS as no smell, this revolutionary lite weight ASI Camp Mat and has been independently lab-tested to international standards including REACH (1907/2006).

Wind & shade shelter
When not hiking or sleeping in the Backpack Bed – the shelter opens up into a large sun and wind shelter. Using the built-in ropes – you can sit on the comfortable camp mat while being protected from the energy training sun and wind.

The SEASONFORT Backpack Bed has revolutionised the Australian concept of a swag.

SEASONFORT Untamed Backpack Bed Swag

UNTAMED Backpack Bed® Swag – (Backpack + Tent + Mattress + Sun Shelter)


Pay Later with Paypal Pay in 4.

4 Products in ONE

A Backpack + Tent + Mattress + Sun Shelter.
Breathable fire retardant fabric with 5 pockets.

Lightweight at only 3.2kg / 7lb the UNTAMED is the perfect swag for your next 3 SEASON adventure.

SEASONFORT Expanse Backpack Bed Swag

EXPANSE Backpack Bed® Swag – (Backpack + Tent + Mattress + Sun Shelter)


Pay Later with Paypal Pay in 4.

4 Products in ONE

A Backpack + Tent + Mattress + Sun Shelter.
Breathable fire retardant fabric with 13 pockets.

Lightweight at only 3.5kg / 7.7lb the EXPANSE is the perfect swag for your next 4 SEASON adventure.

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